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    Am I out of touch?
    No, it’s the kids who are wrong.
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    Finally some information about the artbook! It’s called The Art of Eorzea - Another Dawn and is out on 17th October. And it comes with a wind-up Enterprise minion!


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    i am so offended yall thought i was lying

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    This is Jump Jump, an arcade game from Korean developer dgPix Entertainment. It’s a platform game without a jump button: your player character falls, and you navigate him left and right to try to land on good platforms while avoiding the bad.

    Oh, and sometimes landing on a special “Show Time” platform will show you a picture of a naked person, a theme found throughout dgPix’s games. NSFW warning, and all that.

    This game was just “dumped,” meaning the files have been copied and preserved. The video above is a direct capture from the arcade board itself, but Jump Jump should be playable in a future version of MAME.

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Deadpool parody of the Spider-Woman butt cover… Art by Terry Parr.


    Deadpool parody of the Spider-Woman butt cover… Art by Terry Parr.

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    did u know every sesame street character is named after a deadly sin, sloth, wrath, bert, ernie, big bird, 

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    Above :A Zeon from the planet Zeos from an episode of Dr.Who titled The Armageddon Factor. This episode aired January 20th, 1979.
    Below: Char Aznable, a Zeon commander from the anime Mobile Suit Gundam which began airing April 7th, 1979.

    The episode of Dr.Who aired before Gundam started to air.

    I’ve seen the Armageddon Factor and was amazed by the similarities when I watched, but I never knew the Who episode aired first.

    These are all things I am interested in. Now I wanna see a Yas drawn 70’s WHo

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    I hope this isn’t a sign…

    I hope this isn’t a sign…

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    Last nights tom foolery. I haven’t laughed like that in forever. 

    Holy crap last night was the BEST, never a dull moment with you guys.

    I don’t think I have laughed that hard in a long long time.

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